PhD students' research topics

Branch of study: Air Traffic Control - Provoz a řízení letecké dopravy
Ing. Jan  Popelka Special Methods of Position Angles Measurement for Small Aircrafts
Ing. Jan  Šimánek Navigation Systems for Unmanned Vehicles
Ing. Jaroslav  Laifr Space Resistant Electronics
Ing. Ondřej Bruna Methods for Measurement of Pilot Performance Under Exptreme Conditions
Ing. Petr Nováček Methods of Local Navigation for Metal Detectors
Ing. Tomáš Levora Emergency Landing Assistent for Ultralight Airplanes
 Branch of study: Measurement and Instrumentation - Měřicí technika
Ing. Aleš Zikmund Magnetic Calibration by Using Nonlinear Optimizations
Ing. Jakub Král Material Properties Evaluation of Conductive Materials Using Advanced Eddy Current Methods
Ing. Jakub Svatoš  Advanced Instrumentation for Polyharmonic Metal Detectors
Ing. Jan Auersvald TBD
Ing. Jan Breuer Time Synchronization in Heterogenous Measurement Systems
Ing. Jan Neužil Distributed Signal Processing
Ing. Jan Sobotka Methods for Verification and Validation of Automotive Distributed Systems
Ing. Jan Vyhnánek Detection of Mines and Bombs
Ing. Miloš Okrouhlý Vehicle System Diagnostics and Faults Prediction
Ing. Oldřich Slavata Impact of IP Channel Parameters on the Final Quality of the Transferred Voice
Ing. Pavel Fexa  Non-traditional ADC and DAC Testing Using Band Signals
Ing. Tomáš Pospíšil TBD
Ing. Vladimír Horyna TBD
Ing. Vojtěch Vigner Precise Time and Synchronization in Industrial Distributed Systems