Info for PhD students

Plan your work with respect to Heilmeier's Catechism.

General resources:

  1. Academic Productivity blog
  3. IEEE Spectrum


  1. WikiCFP: a wiki for "Call For Papers"

Journal links (recommended, IF>0):

  1. NDT & E International - Elsevier
  2. Ultrasonics - Elsevier
  3. MSSP - Elsevier
  4. Measurement Science & Technology- IOP
  5. Structural Health Monitoring - SAGE
  6. Information fusion Elsevier
  7. Electronics and Telecom Research Institute Journal (Korea) - (computers, information, telecom)
  8. Measurement Science Review

Manuscript preparation:

  1. use LaTeX  - how to install (in Czech)
  2. LaTeX pro pragmatiky (in Czech)
  3. Timing diagrams
  4. see how a particular term or phrase is used via SpringerExemplar 
  5. The Task of the Referee
  6. Mathematical Writing
  7. How to write a good submission
  8. International Vocabulary of Metrology

Manuscript Checklist:

  1. Acknowledgement (of funding) -  EU, MSMT, FRVŠ, GAČR etc.
  2. Full address: Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering 
  3. request a permition from all co-authors


  1. Some Rules for Making a Presentation
  2. Oral Presentation Advice

Various useful info also in Intranet: section FAQ.