doc. Ing. Pavel Pačes, Ph.D.


Position: Docent
Room: T2:B3-359
E-mail: pacesp()
Phone: (+420)-22435-2847
Fax: (+420)-233 339 929
Mail address: Technická 2, 166 27 Prague 6, Czech Republic

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  Degree: Ing. (similar to MSc.) and Ph.D. and "doc".

  Personal email: paces dot pavel at gmail dot com

  H-Index according to Google Scholar = 6

  Number of patents = 2


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  Education and Stays Abroad


July 12-20, 2011

Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Beijing – China
International Graduate Summer School in Aeronautics and Astronautics.
Invited stay.

February 2005
February 2011

Czech Technical University in Prague, Praha 6 – Dejvice – Czech Republic
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Measurement.
Doctoral study programme: Air Traffic Control and Services, dissertation topic: Improvement of Flight Safety of Small Aircrafts by the Avionic System Support.
State Doctoral Examination – Summer 2007, passed with mark: “excellent”, finished Ph.D. in 2011.
2009 awarded by Honeywell by Honeywell Innovator Award

June 19th – October 8th, 2009 NASA Ames Research Center, Silicon Valley – USA
Space Studies Program - International Space University
Engineering classes, Business and Management department, Energy Needs Team. Followed by hands-on project: Development of a Small Satellite Test Bed.
March 10th – 14th, 2008 Cranfield University, Cranfield – UK
Summer School –Fundamentals of Aircraft Engine Control
Lecturers: Cranfield University Staff, Goodrich Corporation
June 18th – 22nd, 2007 CTU in Prague, Dept. of Control, Praha – Karlovo náměstí – Czech Republic
Summer School – Embedded RTLinux Intro 2007 (in English)
Lecturer: Prof. Nicholas McGuire, University of Lanzhou, maintainer of the RT Linux
06/26 – 07/07 2006 University of Sannio, Italy, Benevento – Italy
6th Summer School on “ADC & DAC Metrology”
Course code: 58916-IC-1-1-IT-ERASMUS-EUC-1
1999 – 2005 Czech Technical University in Prague, Praha 6 – Dejvice – Czech Republic
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Measurement
Degree: Master of Engineering (Czech abbreviation Ing.). Major field: Cybernetics and Measurements, Airborne Instrumentation, Diploma Thesis Award by the dean of FEE.
Diploma thesis topic: Engine Indications and Crew Alerting System for Ultra-Light Aircrafts.
1993 – 1998 Electro-technical training college, Praha 10 – Hostivař – Czech Republic
Vocational certificate, school-leaving certificate.
Directive PART21: In general, Certification and Airworthiness, European Air Law, Production in Civil Aviation under EASA.

  Work Experience


09/2008 – Present

Czech Technical University in Prague, Praha 6 – Dejvice – Czech Republic
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Measurement.
Technician/Teacher/Assistant (Airborne Instrumentation group)
November 2011 Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. Guildford – England
Short working experience – Sun sensor improvements.
2010 –
National Point of Contact, Czech Republic
Space Generation Advisory Council in support of the United Nations Programme
on Space Applications
06-09/2010 Honeywell International, Brno – Czech Republic
Honeywell Innovator Award, Short Internship, referee: Peter Gratz, PhD.
09/07 – 12/08 DevCom Ltd., Praha 3 – Žižkov – Czech Republic
Programmer/developer, C/C++ for Avionic Systems, Certification, half-time job.
11/07 – 04/08 LOM Praha, VTÚLaPVO, Praha 9 – Czech Republic
HW and SW development, Servomechanism for Mamok Manta project, part-time job.
05/07 – 08/07 MESIT Instruments LTD, Uherské Hradiště – Czech Republic
Consultant, case study/report: Engine Maintenance Module. Project CESAR.
02/2005 – 04/2007 DevCom LTD. Praha 3 – Žižkov – Czech Republic
Programmer/developer, C/C++ for Automotive, half-time job.
08/2006 – 01/2007 IST DEEC, Lab. Medidas Electricas, Lisboa – Portugal
Developer working on the project: Development of an IEEE 1451 Standard Compliant Smart Transducer Network with Time Synchronization Protocol.
03/2005 – 06/2005 CTU, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Kladno – Czech Republic
Teacher in course Sensors In Medicine, also participated on an exercise book for this course.

  Research Interests


  Avionic systems safety, certification
  Smart sensors, standards and redundancy
  Aerometrical measurement systems
  HMI, user interfaces

  Research Group: Airborne Control & Information Instruments, more information available here.
  Member of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, more information available here.

   Teaching Activities


X38PRS Board Information and Control Systems, more information available here.
I am lecturing and training students together with Assoc. prof. K. Draxler and external industrial lecturers.
X38PMI Individual project
I do mainly management, but I also guide my topics.
  • Laboratory exercises trainer in: Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation (X38EMx), Aircraft Information Instruments (X38PSL), Sensors and Transducers (X38SZP), Signal and Image Processing (X38SZ).
  • I lead individual (X38PMI) and team (X38PMT) projects, bachelor (X38BP) and diploma (X38DIP) thesis.

- Guided 18 students with their diploma works.
- 4 students awarded by the dean of the CTU in Prague for their diploma theses
- 1 student awarded by the “IT diploma work of the year 2010” first price supported by 100 000 Kč (≈5 000 USD) reward for student.

  • Lecturing in course Introduction into Operating Systems.
  • Leading 3x internal grant of CVUT, leading European Space Agency ESMO AIM project (electronics for a Moon probe), Technological Agency of the Czech Republic TA01030651 project, Ministry of Education development project F1a 922.

  Skills, Hobbies and Other Interests


Languages: Czech – Fluent, English – Intermediate, Spanish – Poor
Driving licence: A, B
Computer skills:
 - Microsoft Windows environment (excellent), Linux (good), MS Office (excellent), Open Office (good),
 - MS Visual C++ (excellent), Matlab and Simulink (good)
 - Computer graphics (good)
Electronic area skills:
 - OrCAD (excellent),
 - x51 family (excellent), Motorola HCS12 (very good), Motorola PowerPC (good), ARM (good).
 - C/C++ (excellent), LabView (good).
Other: technology, sport, music, sci-fi literature.




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