Another internship in NavLIS group, Dept. of Measurement

At the Dept. of Measurement we received another internship, this summer it was from ENAC, Toulouse, France. Mr. Arnaud Borrossi spent 3 month in the lab of Aircraft Instrumentation in NavLIS group. He worked on a topic concerning attitude and heading reference system where he focused primarily on dynamic detection applied in extended Kalman filtering. This approach was used for fusing accelerometer and gyro data to provide stable solution in attitude, roll and pitch angle. In azimuth, the gyro data were fused with a magnetometer.

Mr. Borrossi wrote about his experience: “I have appreciated working during three months with Mr. Roháč and Mr. Alam in the Department of Measurement. They gave me the opportunity to participate in interesting projects of their laboratory such as working on attitude estimation of their airplane. They have sharpened my way to approach a problem. This experience was very enriching and I have worked with people who face challenges of the future.

Intern in NavLIS group, summer 2017