Ing. Ján Tomlain


Position: Vědecký pracovník, doktorand
Room: T2:C4-s152b
Phone: (+420)-22435-2172
Fax: (+420)-233 339 929
Mail address: Technická 2, 166 27 Prague 6, Czech Republic

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Main fields of interest:

  • FPGA applications including SoC design (Altera NIOS II)
  • Microprocessor-based device development (Atmel Xmega, TI MSP430, STM32 Cortex M4)
  • PCB design with 3D support (Altium Designer 14)

Curriculum vitae:

  • 2012 - Bc. in Sensors and instrumentation, CTU FEE
  • 2014 - Ing. (M.Sc.) in Sensors and instrumentation, CTU FEE

PhD studies:

Main topic deals with non-destructive testing methods for high-voltage machines. Especially in FRA (Frequency-response-analysis) method for defect diagnosis. This work succesfully builds on previous work at partial discharge meter design. My research is supported from 3-year SGS project SGS15/213/OHK3/3T/13

Recent work:

  • Research work in the field of FRA
  • Design of fully digital FPGA digital board based on Arria V GX

Actual work:

  • Testing fully-digital approach for lock-in amplifier implementation based on precise sigma delta ADC converter

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Papers in Conference Proceedings (last 5 years)

Tomlain, J. - Sedláček, R. - Vedral, J.: PARTIAL DISCHARGE DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM FOR NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING OF HIGH-VOLTAGE MACHINES In: XXI IMEKO WORLD CONGRESS - Full Papers. Prague: Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 2015, ISBN 978-80-01-05793-3.


Sedláček, R. - Vedral, J. - Tomlain, J.: A Wideband Partial Discharge Meter using FPGA In: 9th IEEE International Symposium on Diagnostics for Electric Machines, Power Electronics and Drives. Piscataway: IEEE, 2013, art. no. 534, p. 519-524. ISBN 978-1-4799-0023-7.