Current projects:

Senpimag - European project coordinated by University of Cambridge concerning development of new actuators/devices/smart materials combining piezoelectric and magnetic materials. For further information see the web site. (manager J. Kubik)  

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PRACSENS - Leonardo da Vinci pilot project  (manager J. Včelák)  

IG CVUT grants

Finished projects:

Mimosa satellite magnetometer
Project of magnetometer for czech microaccelerometric satellite (basically: magnetic 3-axis compass for rough satellite orientation)
More about Mimosa magnetometer
More about Mimosa satellite project

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Sensors based on Nano-structured materials - Czech - Greek Project (manager M. Malatek)

Modular Courses on Modern Sensors - Leonardo da Vinci project - CZ/PP-134026
More information about project - web presentation

Fluxgate Magnetometer
Collaboration with the Tohoku University, Japan
Project supported by The Ministry of Education in the frame of the program "Kontakt" information (in Czech)

Magnetic Sensors
Research project supported by Grant Agency of Czech Republic under No. 102/96/1251
More information about project

Exposition to industrial aerosols and their magnetometric detection
Project supported by Internal Grant Agency of the Ministry of Public Health
More information about project