Study field "Aircraft and Space Systems" of the magister program "Cybernetics and Robotics"
Department of Measurement, Technicka 2, 166 27 Prague, Czech Republic

    • AE3M38PSL


The lectures are held on Tuesdyas starting at 12:45 in T2:A4-203b.

Laboratories: Laboratory exercises are obligatory for attendance. Their time and terms does not correspond to a planned schedule ( and will always be agreed in lectures before it takes place.
Exam: There will be only one term. The exam will consist of written and oral part. Both parts will cover all topics from lectures and lab exercises.

Aircraft and Spacecraft Instrumentation - lectures
  1. Aircraft instrumentation, cockpit equipment, electromagnetic compatibility.
  2. A/C and S/C power sources.
  3. Parameters definition of aircraft propulsions, revolution measurement, pressure and temperature measurements. Torque & vibration measurements.
  4. Fuel flow, fuel used & level sensors. Anti-ice systems, fire annunciators. Complex aircraft monitoring systems - EFIS, EICAS, ECAM, FMS.
  5. Barometrical measurements of altitude. Altimeters and their constructions. International standard atmosphere.
  6. Air and vertical speed measurements, Mach-number measurements. Air data computer. Pressure based systems & sensors.
  7. Introduction to inertial navigation systems. Mechanical gyroscopes based navigation means.
  8. Sensors for navigation systems - gyros, accelerometers.
  9. Earth magnetic field and its usage in aeronautics and astronautics, magnetic compass.
  10. Navigation equations - process of evaluation. Calibration of navigation systems.
  11. Astrophysics. Space environment and operational conditions. S/C materials and technology. Radiation and its particles.
  12. Overview and classification of S/C instrumentation. SW.
  13. Categories of S/Cs and their missions.