International Cooperation

The scientific standard of the department is demonstrated by average number of 60 papers published by department staff every year in proceedings of international conferences and in international journals. Department co-operates with several academic and scientific institutions abroad (e.g. with Tampere University of technology, PTB Berlin, TU Ilmenau, TU Kosice, Toyohashi University, Shizuoka University, The Institute for Management and Technological Training Oulu, Instituto Superior Tecnico Lisboa) and companies such as Philips, NVE, Billingsley, Schiebel, National Instruments. 10 international research projects and 30 Czech research projects are being (co-)solved by department academics. The Department has numerous contracts with companies performing consultations, specialized measurements, development and production of software, sensors and instruments.

Some of these projects are:

LEONARDO DA VINCI pilot project LDV CZ PP 134026 Modular Courses on Modern Sensors,

LEONARDO DA VINCI programme project LEO/3/PP/019 Transfer of FIELDBUS Technology into Practice,

COPERNICUS programme project CP 38141: Development of Innovation Tools and Techniques for High Frequency Ultrasonic Testing,

Analog-Digital-Umsetzer und AD-Baugruppen bei elektromagnetischer Beeinflussung Projekt No.16 bilateral cooperation - common project with - PTB Berlin, Germany; (program "Kontakt"),

SMT project Modular System for the Calibration of Capacitance Standards Based on the Quantum Hall Effect,

EUROMET project No. 432 Frequency Performance of 12 906.4 Ohm and 6 453.2 Ohm Reference Resistors for AC Quantum Hall Effect Experiments,

EUROMET project No. 472 AC Properties of the Quantum Hall Resistance,

Fluxgate Magnetometer, Project supported by The Ministry of Education (program "Kontakt"),

DUNAMET project International comparison of current and voltage ratio standards,